Reviews: Aq Bure – Умырзая

Reviews: Aq Bure – Умырзая

Reviews: Aq Bure – Умырзая

A Winter EP from Russian Folk Metal Band, Aq Bure. Cover Art by Inga Safronov.

1st track, Умырзая (Snowdrop). Beautiful angelic voice, Atmospheric and Oriental folk Guitar lick. Combination with Male vocals made this song more Excellent. Like Chinese Folk songs, but with Russian language. 2nd track, Тәрәз Төпкәйләрең (Your Windowsills (are made of cold steel). A mid tempo Atmospheric Folk Metal song. The Riffs Heavier than previous track, and more Angelic voices.

This’s Great Oriental Metal EP on this Winter.
Score: 90%

Aq Bure:

2 Responses to "Reviews: Aq Bure – Умырзая"

  1. The songs are not in Russian, they are in Tatar which is not even slavic language!

    1. That's right. This is a Tatar language.


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