Reviews: DragonHarp - Let the Dragon Fly

Reviews: DragonHarp - Let the Dragon Fly

Let The Dragon Fly, is EP Debut from Italian Power Metal Band, Dragonharp.

1st track, Intro (Stormborn). epic and glorious opening. 2nd track, Queen of Dragons. A little bit Harp, listen this song like watching a classical fantasy drama. 3rd track, Ironfield. Tell about war, ths song is too classical. Modern Power Metal and Neoclassical.

4th track, El Cid. Tell about Knight who served to Christian Spanish Kings and Islamic Moor Sultans. This song more heavy than previous tracks. 5th track, Let the Dragon Fly. Let the Dragon Fly across the universe. Harp sound made this song is so excellent. 6th track, Eternal Moon. The Guitar riffs is rather Thrash and more Classical element. Great combination between Classical, Power and Thrash.

Let the Dragon Fly acorss the Universe. The Dragons meet Classical and Power Metal.
Score: 95%


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