Reviews: Fractal Cypher - The Human Paradox

Reviews: Fractal Cypher - The Human Paradox

Reviews: Fractal Cypher - The Human Paradox

This is the debut album by Canadian progressive metal band Fractal Cypher.

1st track, Lost. Changeable music composition, from Djent to slow and from Djent to slow. Breakdown parts made this song more Modern. 2nd track, Endless Circle. The intro continued from “Lost.” This’s song is rather Power Metal and also Classical element, Electronic element and Progressive. All in one on this song. 3rd track, Shining A While. This song is very excellent and very clean, but his vocals rather like Matt Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold). A slow progressive song.

4th track, Prison Planet. With some Middle Eastern influences, this song tell about a planet but like prison. Groove riffs and Midle Eastern. 5th track, Imminent Extinction. The Guitar Solo on this song is very Insane. Combination of Progressive, Electronic and Groove Metal. 6th track, Final Abode. Like Avnged Sevenfold and a little bit Djent like Mesuggah. I think it’s AvengDjent Sevenfold.

7th track, Awakening. No Djent, but this song is cooling down after our ears hear Great tracks previously. 8th track, Idle Words. It’s madness song, great combination between Classic Progressive Rock and Modern Progressive Metal. 9th track, The Ghost Of Myself. Progressive Power Metal ending song. The Guitar lick is so catchy and this’s excellent ending.

Fractal Cypher combined Djent, Progressive, Power, and Symphonic. All in one on this Album.
Every tracks present the excellent composition. The Modernity and Genius.
Score: 100%

Fractal Cypher:

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