Reviews: Medevil - Conductor of Storms

Reviews: Medevil - Conductor of Storms

Conductor of Storms is Full Length Debut Album from Canadian Power/Thrash Metal Album.

1st track, Nightwalk. Vocals, Guitar Riff and Guitar solo it’s very Iron Maiden, although Guitar more Thrash. 2nd track, Machination Factory. The vocals rather pressure, a little bit growls and the guitar solo on this song is madness. Iron Maiden and Modern Thrash!!! 3rd track, An Empty Glass. It’s very harmonic Thrash Metal. It’s the harmonization of Thrash Metal and Iron Maiden.

4th track, In The Distance. Just instrumental Thrash Metal song. 5th track, The Angel Of Rain. This song is rather ballad. From acoustic to Thrash. And from Thrash to acoustic. Ballad, but Iron Maiden!!! 6th track, A Sacrifice. Guitar and Vocals are very Iron Maiden, and Shred Guitar solo is Madness and Amazing.

7th track, Escape. The Guitar solo more complex than previous tracks. I think this’ Great track on this album with Great Guitar solo. 8th track, The Fabled Uxoricide. It’s great ending. Changeable tempo and changeable composition. Medevil was express their skill, and their madness.

Power, Thrash, and Iron Maiden.
Score: 98%

Reviews: Medevil - Conductor of Storms

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