Reviews: Metatrone - Eucharismetal

Reviews: Metatrone - Eucharismetal

Reviews: Metatrone - Eucharismetal

Eucharismetal is 4th Full Length Album from Metatrone. This Album released on  March 11th, 2016 via Rockshot Music.

1st track, Alef Dalet Mem. This song it’s Heavy Riffs, Dominated by Synth sound, Great Synth Solo, Great Guitar Solo and with some Harsh vocals. 2nd track, Molokai. The vocals are mixed clean and harsh vocals. Synth solo and Guitar solo are very Progressive. 3rd track, Beware the Sailor. Progressive and Harmonic, and Synth more dominant.

4th track, Wheat and Weeds. Wheat, Weeds, Progressive and Power Metal. It’s more Power Metal. 5th track, Latest News from Light. Ah, the Synth solo is very madness. Harsh, Clean, rather Melodic and Madness. 6th track, In Spirit and Truth. This track is not hard and heavy, dislike previous tracks.

7th track, Mozart's Nightmare. It’s Insane Intrumental song. Medness Synth!!!! 8th track, Keep Running. Saxophone sound on this song made this song is more Progressive, Keep Running and Keep Progressive. 9th track, Salva l'anima. Harmonic minor synth intro. The Guitar riffs rather Thrash and excellent guitar solo.

10th track, Una parte di me. Madness Guitar Solo and Madness Synth Solo. 11th track, Regina Coeli. From Wikipedia “The Regina Cæli or Regina Cœli ("Queen of Heaven", pronounced [reˈdʒina ˈtʃeli] in ecclesiastical Latin) is an ancient Latin Marian Hymn of the Christian Church.” Female voice and choirs made this song very excellent. Great Progressive Christian Power Metal song. 12th track, Alef Dalet Mem (Italian Version).  It’s more Italiano than 1st track. 12th traxk, Lascia che sia. It’s Italian version of Keep Running.

40% Power Metal and 60% Progressive. It’s Great Progressive Power Metal Album about Christianity. Score: 100%

Reviews: Metatrone - Eucharismetal

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