Reviews: Misanthropic Rage - Gates No Longer Shut

Reviews: Misanthropic Rage - Gates No Longer Shut

Reviews: Misanthropic Rage - Gates No Longer Shut

First Full Length Album from Misanthropic Rage, Polish Progressive Black Metal Band.

1st track, In A Blind Dimension. Psychedelic intro. Changeable tempo, Noisy Cymbal, Thrash Riffs, and Great Guitar solo. 2nd track, Gates No Longer Shut. Thrash Riffs, Blasting, Excellent  Vocals (Harsh and Clean Vocals), and simple Guitar solo. It’s easy listening Progressive Black Metal song.

3rdtrack, I, The Reedemer. This song is very Middle Eastern. Dark riffs like the darkness of the night and Excellent clean vocals. 4th track, Into The Crypt. This song is more Black Metal than previous tracks. But, the acoustic guitar solo on this song is Great. 5th track, Niehodowlany. Lyrics written in Polish and this’s very Progressive Black Metal. Great Guitar and Bass Solo and Solid Vocals.

6th track, Cross Hatred. Groove Metal Riffs and Dark Symphony. This’s Progressive Groove of Hatred. 7th track, I Took The Fate In My Hands. Dark Progressive riffs, and Excellent guitar solo. This’s easy listening ending.

Every tracks written in Enlish dan Polis language. The composition on this album is so catchy and easy listening. He sang in Clean and Harsh vocals. It’s catchy Progressive Black Metal album.
This’s a Progressive of the Darkness.
Score: 100%
Reviews: Misanthropic Rage - Gates No Longer Shut
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