Reviews: Orchid – Orchid

Reviews: Orchid – Orchid

Reviews: Orchid – Orchid

EP Debut from Progressive Metal Band from Bangalore, India. Art, Design and Logo by Copycat Design and Illustration.

1st track, Civic TV. Monster Vocals and Mathematical composition. Noise and Chaos on the last part. It’s the artistic of Jazz, Death Metal and Chaos. 2nd track, Venusian Death. This song talk about the Adventure. Full Distortion music on the beginning changing into soft on the last part.. 3rd track, Disorder. Dark & Jazz riffs, and Monster vocals. Like the title, this song really disorder. But, this’s Beautiful Disorder. Like Messugah, but the Vocals more Brutal. 4th track, Migrate. Lyrics on this song is small. This song more Ambient, Experimental, Jazz and Psychedelic elements.

Insane Jazz parts after Distortion and Brutality with Great Lyrics and Great Cover Art.
The Mathematical of The Brutallity.
Score: 100%


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