Reviews: Orobas - Arise In Impurity

Reviews: Orobas - Arise In Impurity

Reviews: Orobas - Arise In Impurity

Arise in Impurity, EP debut from Bangladesh Blackened Death Metal Band. This’s my reviews, check it out.

1st track, Ode To Impurity (Intro). Instrumental psychedelic and dark ambient opening song. 2nd track, The Ravana. A mid-tempo death metal song with Great Shredder solo and this song ended with dark accoustic guitar arpeggio lick. 3rd track, Lord Ramesses. A song with Thrash Metal Riffs, Cookie Monster Vocal and ended with simple Guitar solo.

4th track, Bad Blood Hunter. This song is really Blackened Death than previous tracks. The vocal is more variative and this song is awesome, cause ended with acoustic Guitar and Ukulele Solo. 5th track, Black Metal (Venom cover). Although titled “Black Metal,” but the genre of this song is Death Metal. This’s Death Metal version of Venom song titled “Black Metal”

40% Black 60% Death.
Score: 92%

Reviews: Orobas - Arise In Impurity

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