Reviews: Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream - Conquest Of The Seven Seas

Reviews: Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream - Conquest Of The Seven Seas

An Album from French independent composer. The Artwork describe Adventure and Fantasy.

1st track, On The Shores. A sweet opening like in Wonderland. Splendor Symphony and Folk.  2nd track, Conquest Of The Seven Seas. Glorious aura felt on this song. The Symphony is very splendor and Great Guitar & Synth Solo. And this song rather Folk. 3rd track, Storm On The Waves. Folk intro on this song remembered us like Fantasy Movies. The composition on this song is very Great, Glorious and Splendor.

4th track, The Island Of Wonders. It’s rather Rhapsody of Fire, but more Splendor and Wonderful. 5th track, Sirens From The Deep. The Spoken Words on this song that’s like in  Fantasy Movies and also some Growls Vocals and some Female Vocals made this song so excellent. Splendour Symphony and Folk. 6th track, A Drink For The Sailors. This song is Very Folk. The music composition on this song described the Happy expression of the Sailors.

7th track, The Dark Ship. Splendor, Glorious and Luxury. Great Orchestral Metal song. 8th track, At The Gates Of Abyss. Great Choir, Folk Influences and Splendor Symphony. This’s Great Instrumentl Symphonis Power Metal song. 9th track, The Underwater Kingdom. Splendor, Excellent and Blasting. Synth Solo parts on this song are Great and every Beautiful expressed with all Splendor and Luxury. 10th track, To New Horizons. An excellent ending. Epic Symphony, Glorious Choir and Excellent Folk.

His present to us The Splendor and The Luxury. Like listening Fantasy stories that’s present Wonderful. This’s Magnificent Album on this Year.

The Splendor of The Adventure.
Score: 100%

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