Reviews: Sin Of God – Aenigmata

Reviews: Sin Of God – Aenigmata

Reviews: Sin Of God – Aenigmata

Sin of God is Death Metal Legion from Ambrózfalva, Hungary. This’s my reviews about SOG 2nd Full Length Album, Aenigmata.

1st track, The Emerald Tablet. Guitar Riffs vaguealy & rather Thrash Metal, Low Vocals and Explosive Drums. Ended with acoustic guitar lick after blasting. 2nd track, Phosphorus. Thrash riffs and rather Groove Metal, solid Double Pedal and Technical. 3rd track, Ignis Infernalis... Illuminate Us. Dark riffs, Grinding composition and a little bit Progressive.

4th track, Loss Leads Into Impiety. The Riffs is very Thrash & Groove and the Drums is very Explosive. Excellent Harmonic Minor Licks made this song is more Great. 5th track, Aenigmata. Harmonic Minor Guitar and Blasting Drums. It’s Harmonize of Brutality and Grinding. 6th track, Altered States Of Chaos. The Thrash of Grinding. Dark, Brutal, and catchy Harmonic Minor Guitar Solo. Thrash, Brutal, Harmonize and Grind.

7th track, Deus Metamorphosis. Without Guitar solo, but SOG still present Groove riffs and Grinding composition. 8th track, The Great Lion Devours The Sun. Without Guitar solo and Groove fucking Grind. 9th track, The Human Worm. Dark Riffs also Thrash, changeable composition and tempo and rather Technical. It’s Great ending.

Thrash and Groove Metal riffs, Explosive Drums, Low Vocals and Grinding.
Masterpiece of The Brutality. Thrash Riffs, and Explosive Drums.
Score: 100%

Reviews: Sin Of God – Aenigmata
Sin of God:

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