Reviews: Solinaris – Deranged

Reviews: Solinaris – Deranged

Reviews: Solinaris – Deranged

Solinaris is Avant Garde Death Metal Band from Canada.

1st track, Intro. An experimental opening. 2nd track, Deranged. Combination between Acoustic, Progressive with Old School Death Metal vocals. 3rd track, Torture Chronicles. From Acoustic & Jazz to Death. And from Death to Jazz & Acoustic.

4th track, Blind. Groove riffs, Dark Saxophone and Wah Gitar. The guitar solo is madness. 5th track, Murder. The saxophone it’s very psychedelic. Psychedelic, Classical, Progressive and Darkness all in one on this song. The music composition is like Thriller Movie backsound. 6th track, Chloform. Every note present a beautiful. A beautiful of the Deranged.

7th track, Field of Trees. It’s cooling down song after death tracks. Beautiful, Calm, Progressive and Excellent. 8th track, November. The beautiful of the darkness. 9th track, Phobopath. It’s Brutal, Breakdown and Progressive. And Saxophone song on this song made this song more Excellent. 10th track, Red Rain. Great Progressive Melodic licks and Thrash! Acoustic guitar lick after brutal composition.

Every track present excellent composition. Saxophone sound made this album more Avant Garde and Madness.
The Amazing Murder Album.
Score: 100%


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