Reviews: Stoned God - Discordant Divinity

Reviews: Stoned God - Discordant Divinity

Reviews: Stoned God - Discordant Divinity

First Full Length from Germany Progressive Death Groove Metal Band.

1st track, Intro. It’s minimalist opening. 2nd track, Saturnian. Sharp & Heavy Riffs and also excellent harmonization. The intro on this song is so Groovy and Catchy. 3rd track, Relicts of Disintegration. Thrash and Sharp riffs. Changeable composition, and easy listening.

4th track, Shackled Earth. His Clean Vocals is too 90s. A Groove combination between Modern Metal with 90s influences. 5th track, Interlude. Psychedelic and rather Dark. 6th track, The Tempest. Solid Groove-Thrash riffs and Industrial Guitar licks. Like in a Factory. 7th track, Metropolis. Thrash riffs, Solid Drums, and some 90s element. This song describe a Metropolitan.

8th track, Hybris. This song is rather Deathcore. Thrash, Blasting, Breakdown and Noisy cymbal. 9th track, Discordant Divinity. The Vocals on this song is so excellent. It’s most excellent. 10th track, Monument (The Augury). More Fast, more Blasting and more Noisy. 11th track, The Luminescence. It’s Progressive ending and his vocal very Clean.

Many element on this album such as 90s and others. They were playing a great composition music. This album is easy listening. I’m very enjoyable this Album.
Conclusion: “In Progressive, We Groove.”
Score: 99%

Reviews: Stoned God - Discordant Divinity
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