Reviews: Veonity - Into the Void

Reviews: Veonity - Into the Void

Reviews: Veonity - Into the Void

Into The Void is 2nd Full Length album from Swedish Underground Power Metal Legion, Veonity.

1st track, When Humanity Is Gone. This song describe humanity is gone and the music composition is easy listening. 2nd track, Frozen. Stratovarius influence was felt in this song, this song is rather Melodic, Great Synth Solo and Great Guitar Solo. 3rd track, A New Dimension. Catchy Neoclassical Guitar Solo and easy listening. I love the reff part on this song, it’s so glorious. 4th track, Awake. Featuring Piet Sielk (Iron Savior). This song is rather Thrash Metal and Iron Savior influence.

5th track, Insanity. The void, the pain and the praying. 6th track, Solar Storm. The Lyrics is so poetic, Confused lyrics combined with Solar Storm. Shrill vocals at the end of the song really solid. 7th track, Until The Day I Die. It’s catchy spirit song. The composition is very easy listening and guitar licks is so Nordic. 8th track, In The Void. A hope song altough trapped in the void. The guitar solo is rather Stratovarius.

9th track, Warriors Of Time. Talk about The Warriors. A struggle and also fight song. 10th track, Astral Flames. Changeable. From slow to heavy and from heavy to slow. 11th track, Heart On Fire. This song is more Heavy Metal, and Great Guitar Solo. 12th track, Winds Of Faith. It’s very Neoclassical and Nordic.

Into the Voide and across the Space. It’s Great Sci-fi Power Metal album.
Score: 98%

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