Reviews: Vereor Nox - Noli Respicere

Reviews: Vereor Nox - Noli Respicere

Noli Respicere, First Full Length Album from Italian Female Fronted Symphonic Blackened Death Metal Band.

1st track, Ilmatar - The weight of world. Melancholic and Dark Symphony and also poetic lyrical and solid double pedal drums. 2nd track, Mujina – Sadness. A Symphony of Sadness and a Beautiful of the Sadness. Excellent Symphony, Gloomy Atmosphere and Gloomy Choir. 3rd track, Kronos – Fear. Solid Blasting and Minor Guitar solo. An easy listening song.

4th track, Fenrir - Liberation through Sacrifice. The poetic lyrics and full blasting. 5th track, Ishtar – Toughness. Full Blasting, rather Melodic, and Dark. It’s poetic toughness. 6th track, Mars – Rage. Melancholic clean vocals (Prayer), and Fury singing. It’s melodic of fury and darkness. Epic combination between Latino and English.

7th track, Krampus - Self Love. Full Blasting and Full Melodic. Self Love, Evil side. 8th track, Cernunnos – Duality. Full Blasting and acoustic guitar lick on this song made this song is beautiful and dark. 9th track, Seth – identity. Talk about Egyptian God, Seth. The Guitar riffs is rather Thrash, Gloomy Atmosphere and Harmonic Guitar Solo.

Every songs on this song is very Poetic. Her Vocals is more Death Metal with Black Metal Riffs.
The Beautiful of Poetry of the Darkness.
Score: 95%

Reviews: Vereor Nox - Noli Respicere
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