Reviews: While Sun Ends - Terminus

Reviews: While Sun Ends - Terminus

Terminus is 2nd Full Length Album from Italian Progressive Death Metal Band, While Sun Ends.

1st track, Tritogenia. This song rather melodic. Altough Progressive Death this song is catchy, and she’s singing like Angel (Clean Vocals) and Beast (Harsh Vocals). 2nd track, Cycles. It’s rather Djent, and her vocals rather like Angela Gossow. She’s singing excellently. Clean, Harsh, Djent, Atmospheric and Acoustic.

3rd track, Measure. This song is rather like Fallujah. Yeah, it’s Female version of Fallujah. 4th track, Sides. All kinds of sides, from harsh and clean, male and female, from distortion and atmospheric.

5th track, Seesaw. More Progressive, more slow and more clean vocals. This track more Easy than previous tracks. 6th track, View. It’s rather complex and Noisy cymbal. It’s catchy and easy listening. I’m very enjoyable this song.

7th track, Elevation. More Slow, more Clean Vocals and more Excellent. Yeah, more Progressive. 8th track, Synthesis. Breakdown parts on this song made this song rather Deathcore. Djent riffs, Noisy cymbal, Vaguely acuctic guitar lick and 99% Harsh Vocals.

Female Vocals is so Excellent, she sang in Clean and Harsh vocals perfectly. Djent and Acoustic parts on every tracks. And also, every tracks is catchy and easy listening although they’re Progressive Musicians.
Every tracks present the Great Composition and Great Harmonization.
Score: 100%

Reviews: While Sun Ends - Terminus
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