Reviews: Wings of Destinty - Kings of Terror

Reviews: Wings of Destinty - Kings of Terror

Reviews: Wings of Destinty - Kings of Terror

Kings of Terror id 2nd Full Length album from Costa Rican Power Metal Legion, Wings of Destiny. This Album released on May 27th, 2016 via Power Prog Records. Artwork by Caio Caldas.

1st track, We Bring You The Night. Fury Vocals, Thrash Riffs and Harmonic Symphony. This vocals on this song it’s a little bit Harsh, Wah Guitar and Great Guitar Solo. Combination between Fury and Darkness. 2nd track, Angels & Demons. Angels & Demons a combination between Good and Evil. Great Neoclassical Guitar Solo, Great Neoclassical Keyboard Solo and Rageful Blasting.

3rd track, Kings Of Terror. Started with Gunshots, and Bomb. Dark Symphony and Thrash Riffs. It’s Terror Power Metal song. 4th track, Eye Of The Storm. Thrash Riffs, rather Harsh vocals, Dark Symphony and Fury. 5th track, Sea Of Oblivion. Just an instrumental song.

6th track, Siren's Son. Listen this song like Operatic Italian in Renaissance era. With Female Vocals made this song is so excellent. 7th track, Holy Innocence. It’s Symphonic Power Thrash Metal song. Dark, Progressive, Neoclassical and Thrash. 8th track, Lie To Me. Classical and a little bit Eletronic element. Lie to Me and this song will Thrash You.

9th track, Eternity. A cooling down song after our ears hear Heavy tracks previously. Excellent Acoustic Guitar, Excellent Violin and I’m very enjoyful this song. 10th track, Touch The Sky. Bag-pipes sounds on this song made this song rather Folk metal. Modern, Classical and Folk. 11th track, United We Stand. This song describe if we united we stand and if we divided we fall. Neoclassical rules!

Every tracks present the amazing composition. Thrash, Neoclassical, Symphony, Modern, Progressive and Power. All in One on this Album.
It’s really Kings of this Year.
Score: 100%
Wings of Destinty:

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