Reviews: Wormfood - L'Envers

Reviews: Wormfood - L'Envers

 L’Envers, Full Length Album from France Avant Garde Metal Band.

1st track, Prologue. Just spoken words. 2nd track, Serviteur du Roi. Dark & Horror Atmosphere, some Blasting and Dark Symphony. Like a Horror movies. Wormfood present a combination between classical and horror. 3rd track, Ordre de Mobilisation Generale. More Progressive Metal and more Darkness. It’s realle very Dark and Horror.

4th track, Mangevers. Heavy Vocals, Horros Orchestral and Progressive Guitar Solo. 5th track, Gone On The Hoist (G.O.T.H.). This song not dark like previous tracks, but this song more Progressive with Indian Influences. 6th track, Collectionneur de Poupées. The Dark and The Light of this Album.

7th track, Géhenne. Atmospheric and excellent Symphony, and some Blastings. 8th track, Poisonne. This song is little bit Psychedelic element, and more Doom.

The Symphony of Horror. The Beautiful of the Horror.
Score: 100%

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