Reviews: XCIII – Enlighten

Reviews: XCIII – Enlighten

Reviews: XCIII – Enlighten

Enlighten released on June 26th, 2016 via Anesthetize. Cover art designed by NOSIGNER from Japan.

1st track, Zeit(los). It’s mostly acoustic, harsh whisper and a little bit atmospheric. XCIII started this Album with awesome opening. The Acoustic Guitar lick is Excellent! 2nd track, The Frost. It’s rather Atmospheric Black Metal and Slow. Progressive and Gloomy.

3rd track, (e)scapegrace. Mostly Slow and Dark Atmosphere. It’s depressive and gloom. 4th track, Pseudobezoar. The clean Vocal like Mikael Akfedelt and rather Melodic Black Metal. It’s Beautiful Gloomy. 5th track, Tommorow knows. Psychedelic, Depressive and Gloomy.

6th track, Banquet. It’s Madness track. They were composed insane music on this song. The Vocals Harsh like The Beast and Clean but Depressive. A Gloomy, a Depressive, a Psychedelic and an Experimental. 7th track, Zeit(geist). Dark Whisper and Depressive Clean Vocals. A Great combination between Depressive, Progressive and Classical.

XCIII was combined Progressive music with Black Metal, Atmospheric, Acoustic, Classical, Psychedelic and Depressive. This album is very catchy. Progressive, but Catchy.
When the Light rising from the Darkness. This’s Enlighten from XCIII.
Score: 100%

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