Best Melodic Death Metal Cover in 2016

Best Melodic Death Metal Cover in 2016

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Amongst Monoliths from Algos 

An Eater's Curse from An Eater's Curse
Best Melodic Death Metal Cover in 2016

Apognosis from Arnheim

Art of Deception from Nymeria

Beware of the Dead from Recreated

Death Bullets for a Forajido from Synlakross

Divisions of Black from Trigger Pig

End of Eternity from False Reality

Enduring Creation from The Devils of Loudun

Faces Of Suffering from Begotten Silence

For All My Earthly Days from Virus of Ideals

Garden Of Death from This Ending

In Death, We Are Legend from Horde of Draugar

La metástasis de la desesperanza from Unexpectance

Light of a Different Sun from Archaic Decapitator

March to War from Destination 11

New Dawn from Countless Skies

Our Dystopia from Martyrion

Over The Gates Of Angband from Bauglir

Prophecy of War from Northern

Ruiner from The Hudson Horror

Storm Of Particles from Storm Of Particles

Taking the Sealed Passage from Evenfall

The End Is Near from Across the Burning Sky

The Insatiable from Weakness

The Last Lights of a Dying Universe from Helix Nebula

The Plague from Indepth

Tu cabeza es mi bandera from Arcaico

When The Earth Stood Still from Unholy Quest

Ярость Фенрира from Ulfdallir

Recomended Post: Best Metal Cover

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