Best Power Metal Cover in 2016

Best Power Metal Cover in 2016

 This's Best Best Power Metal Cover in 2016.

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15 Years Alive from Beto Vazquez Infinity

Adventum. Capitulo 1 from Prometheos

Conductor of Storms Medevil 

Deliverance of Soul from Black Fate

Dragón y titán from Prometheus

Dream in Shadows from Alastria

Eagle Hunt from Batosay

Eclipse of Sorrow from Sipario

Ecos del norte from Druídas

Fireborn from Crimson Fire

Indonesian Power Metal Compilation II from Interlude Records

Into the Deepest Bane of Hope from Orion Child

Memory of a Lifetime Journey from Eleventh Hour

Path to Synchrony from Legati

Sangre Guerrera from Libertaria

Screamworks from Silver Bullet

Shades of Darkness from Krossfire

Stardust Revelation from Valerian

Steelballs from Steelballs

The Lion's Forces from Energema

The March of the Fallen from Triboulet

This Sacrifice from Blackthorne

Tribulations of Time from 4th Legacy

Recomended Post: Best Metal Cover

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