Interview with DragonHarp, Power Metal Band from Italy

Interview with DragonHarp, Power Metal Band from Italy, Interview with DragonHarp Power Metal Band from Italy

 Interview with DragonHarp, Power Metal Band from Italy

 Founded in 2011 by harpist Rossana Monico. The band's name refers both to DragonHarp's characteristic use of the harp in symphonic/power metal and to the 1996 fantasy movie Dragonheart. Dragonharp are Roberto Como - Bass, Andrea Lentini - Drums, Paolo Albergoni - Guitars, Rossana Monico - Harp, and Nicole Maselli - Vocals.

What are lyrical themes of DragonHarp?
[Paolo] I'd say we talk about a lot if topics which we consider to be source of inspiration: fantasy themes (we're love with masterpieces such as Lord Of The Rings book and movies and A Song Of Ice And Fire); history (mainly little-studied events and wars in Italy throughout the years); literature (Cantar De Mio Cid epic poem); human feelings (self-confidence, love, restlessness and peacefulness). And many other things in future, we're gonna see!

What are your influences?
[Paolo] Above all, Rhapsody and Avantasia; but we let ourselves to be influences by other metal gods: Iron Maiden, Stratovarius, Nightwish, Sonata Artica, Judas Priest, Blind Guardian. Some themes are directly inspired to classical music and traditional Celtic music - Rossana does it!

Who are Your Favorite Italian Metal Bands?
[Paolo] Above-mentioned Rhapsody Of Fire  (LT Rhapsody too), Domine, Labyrinth, Vision Divine and, last but not least, Trick Or Treat.

How did you choose the cover artwork for "Let the Dragon Fly"?
[Paolo] We told Leonardo Caporale (an artist we fully trust) to draw something different about a dragon, epic and positive (not destructive). He drew that picture; when we saw it, we understood his imagination had exceeded our expectations. Positive way, of course.

How were the songs written?
[Paolo] Usually, we (I and Andrea) compose music; then, we (I and Roberto) a some lyrics based on emotions or images that music build in our minds. Every song from Let The Dragon Fly EP was born this way but Queen Of Dragons, whose composition involved Roberto Como too.

How did the recording process go?
[Paolo] First, every member recorded his own instrument tracks at home (except vocals and harp). Then, Andrea Lentini mixed and mastered every single track at his personal studio (SoniCubes). We're lucky he's into technicals and could easily handle the whole soundworking, fix what's not good and achieve what you can listen to. If possibile, many underground bands act like that.

What are your future plans?
[Paolo] For now, we're promoting ourselves through gigs and Web tools. We're planning a mini-tour abroad, maybe Germany: not sure yet. And thinking about a full-length.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
[Paolo] Germany, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland... metal homelands! I'd personally love performing in Spain, South America and Turkey. I like the attitude Latin Americans show towards music and metal, they live it enthusiastically and don't fear to make it clear to everybody. 

What bands would you like to play alongside?
[Paolo] We would gladly share the stage again together with Trick Or Treat. And of course we would like to play side by side with Rhapsody Of Fire, Luca Turilli, Stratovarius, Ancient Bards, Epica, Sonata Arctica, Dark Moor and many others...

Any last words?
[Paolo] Inside of us, there is a dragon ready to fly. Don't keep it quiet, don't be repressive: let him roar, let him fly. He's your best friend. He's the only chance to her what we wish for. Let your dragon fly!


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