Interview with Oracle, Progressive Power Metal Band from America

Interview with Oracle, Progressive Power Metal Band from America, Interview with Oracle Progressive Power Metal Band from America

Interview with Oracle, Progressive Power Metal Band from America

Oracle is Progressive Power Metal Band from America. They're Brett Love - Bass, Jesse Schobel - Drums, Shadi Saadeh - Guitars, Greg Boskamp - Guitars, Jaime Nicole - Keyboards, and Cameron Novack - Vocals. Brett Love gave us some information. Check it out.

Tell us about Oracle?
Oracle started a couple years back as Jesse, Greg and I all worked in a music shop together... We all liked similar tunes and we eventually kicked around the idea of forming a power metal band. After the yearly Xmas party one year we recorded our first song. From there we ran in Jaime who eventually started at the music shop as well, then Greg got ahold of one of his best friends who played guitar and it took us a while but we eventually ran into Cameron for the vocals after trying out a few different vocalists. 

What are lyrical themes of Oracle?
The lyrical theme varies from song to song depending on whatever name we had for the song and whatever Cameron was feeling fit the song. They range from a kingdom in peril, to the ravaging power of the seas, the dark powers of the Necronomicon or a child born with the power to change history. 

What are your influences?
Our influences are a bit different from person to person so this will be a generic remembrance of what we all like. The majority of us grew up with the standard metal bands most kids would start off with: Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Judah Priest, Helloween, Pantera & Iced Earth. Though through the years we've grown to like more of the in depth & more underground influences with bands such as Sonata Arctica, Ensiferum, Wintersun, Sabaton, Opeth, Lost Horizon, Agalloch, etc... 

There re too many to list. 

Who are Your Favorite America Metal Bands?
As far as American metal bands go there aren't a whole lot outside what I mentioned above... Most of us are fans of Vektor, Iced Earth, Symphony X, Death, and Dream Theater... Okay maybe there are more than I thought... And probably more than I can think of. 

Interview with Oracle, Progressive Power Metal Band from America, Interview with Oracle Progressive Power Metal Band from America
How did you choose the cover artwork?
The artwork was easy, a few of us drew up some rough sketches of what we thought was cool and since we already had an artist, we sent him the rough sketches and said "go to town." He came up with the logo and the hourglass which were both coincidentally both rough sketches I drew. From here on out, who knows what the Oracle could have. 

How were the songs written?
Most of the songs on this album were written by one of the members coming up with their part and sending that to the other members. A couple weeks later, after everyone has heard it a few times, we would meet up and jam through it. The fine details would get worked out through Recordings and more practice. 

How did the recording process go?
Recording was always a fun time... With the technology these days we can record everything ourselves, and for pretty cheap. It helps that the majority of us worked in a music store, so we have the gear, so the next steps were obvious. We held the majority of our recording sessions in Schobel Studios, ha ha, which surprisingly recorded quite a few bands. We were all happy with the way things sounds and decided that spending the money on a studio was probably foolish for our first cd... Demo thing.

*Besides I think every bands first release to the public should be pretty raw*

What are your future plans?
We obviously are already working on a second record, and would love to start expanding our fan base to the coasts, if possible. We all have jobs and what not currently but what band doesn't want to tour out and have some fun. 

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
Counties? I don't think we have even thought that far into the future yet, but if we we could open for some of our favorite bands... That would be awesome. Some huge festival in Europe... Yeah that would be nice, ha ha. 

What bands would you like to play alongside?
Just for the fun of it, Sabaton for sure. That show would be a blast. Sonata Arctica would be fun too, as we like to cover blank file from time to time. It's all gonna be a fun time so bring on whoever gives us the chance, we're game.

Any last words?
Check us out, leave feedback (good or bad),  come see us when you can, and get some Oracle merch. 

Thanks for the interview! 

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