Reviews: 4th Legacy - Tribulations of Time

Reviews: 4th Legacy - Tribulations of Time

 First Full Length Album from Serbian Metal Band, 4th Legacy. I review this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Ouroboros. Like Firewond, but Guitar riffs rather Thrash and with some breakdown parts on the outro so that this song more Modern. 2nd track, Garden of Lies. Rather Melodic, and Thrash. But, the Riffs like 80s Heavy Metal. 80s riffs with Modern sound.3rd track, Almost Home. This song very 80s like Judas Priest, but more Heavy and Excellent.

4th track, The Revelations of the Chimera I- Ancient. Thrash and Heavy Riffs and Great Harmonic Minor Guitar solo.5th track, The Revelations of the Chimera II- Against Tyranny. This song talk abllion against the Tyranny. An easy listening song about Rebellion with Thrash riffs and 80s Metal Guitar solo. 6th track, The Revelations of the Chimera III- Fallen. Catchy song with Great Vocals and Catchy Guitar solo.

7th track, Run into the Night. An acoustic and soft song. Good for cooling down our mind after listening Heavier tracks previously. 8th track, Strange Aeons. A mid-tempo song with Groove riffs and Modern sound. A good combination between 80s and Modern Metal. 9th track, Requiem. Acoustic and Distortion. A Great ending, and the Acoustir guitar licks so excellent.

When 80s Heavy Metal influenced with Modern Metal.
Score: 95%
4th Legacy:

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