Reviews: Akasava - Nothing At Dawn

Reviews: Akasava - Nothing At Dawn

Reviews: Akasava - Nothing At Dawn

First Full Length Album from French Doom Metal Band. I reviews this Album track by track.

1st track, Season Of The Poet. The music remembered to Horror Movies. Psychedelic & Dark Atmosphere, Gloom & Dark Riffs, Whisper & Rage Vocals. 45% Acoustic & 55% Doom! A Horror and Gloomy opening. 2nd track, The Devil's Tide. This song rather Black Sabbath with Female Vocals. Sharp Riffs and Noisy Cymbal. Heavy Metal, Psychedelic and Blues Solo.

3rd track, Assembly Of Fools. Her vocals Heavist and this song like early Black Sabbath, but more Heavy and Noisy Cymbal. 4th track, Pyramid's Eyes. Thrash Riffs in the beginning, Psychedelic after Thrash riffs. I think this’s Gloomies song on this Album. 5th track, Zora The Traveller. Rather acoustic and dry vocals. From 03:40 music change to Heavy. And this song is rather Progressive.

6th track, Solitude Of The Goat. Like early Black Sabbath, but rather Experimental and Noisy. 7th track, Astral Truth. Dark, Doom, Noise and Glam. It’s my Description for this song. 8th track, Nothing At Dawn. The composition changeable, and this song is rather Progressive.

Akasava know how to spoil our mind with Psychedelic elements.
Score: 95%
Reviews: Akasava - Nothing At Dawn

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