Reviews: Asphaltator - World Asphaltation

Reviews: Asphaltator - World Asphaltation

Reviews: Asphaltator - World Asphaltation

EP Debut from Italian Underground Thrash Metal Band, Asphaltator. I reviews hits EP track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Army of Darkness. It’s like early Metallica and very Old School Thrash Metal. 2nd track, Good Friendly Violent Fun. Still like early Metallica, but the Guitar solo is Great. 3rd track, Progress is a Crime. This song is rather Iron Maiden. The Thrash Metal version of Iron Maiden, but the Guitar solo is Excellent.

4th track, God is Dead. Fusion between Metallica and Iron Maiden. Vocals and Music like early Metallica and Iron Maiden. But the Guitar Solo is more Iron Maiden. 5th track, World Asphaltation. A very Power Metal song with Killer Shredding Guitar Solo. 6th track, The Power of Love (Huey Lewis and the News cover). I think it’s Pop Thrash Metal song. Easy listening, Catchy and Thrash.

Listening this EP remembered me to early Metallica. The Music is very Old School although they’re New Generation.
Metallica d’Italiano.
Score: 95%

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