Reviews: A|symmetry – Fragility

Reviews: A|symmetry – Fragility

Reviews: A|symmetry – Fragility

First Full Length Album from Serbian Underground Progressive Metal Band, A|symmetry. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Fragility pt. 1. Heavy Riffs, Electronic elements, and Progressive. It’s like Dream Theater and Firewind, but with Atmospheric elements. 2nd track, A New Beginning. Rather Thrash Metal and very Firewind. 3rd track, Memories From The Old Country. Modern Progressive Metal music with Insane composition.

4th track, A Cogwheel. A harmonize Progressive Metal song, where the softness and distortion combined beautifuly. 5th track, The Grand Turmoil. Insane Neoclassical composition. Rather slow, but fantastic. 6th track, Let Me Live. Easy listening song, Thrash Riffs with solid combination between Clean Vocals and Harsh Vocals.

7th track, Towards Utopia. The Vocals are variative. Harsh, Clean and Middle Eastern Clean Vocals. Middle Eastern Atmosphere made this song is Great. 8th track, Civil War. Splendour Music, Mixed Vocals (Harsh and Clean Vocals), Heavy Riffs, and Great Harmonic Minor Guitar solo. 9th track, Fragility pt. 2. Heavy Riffs and Heavy Vocals. They were ended this album with Slow song, but Heavy music.

Fragility but not Fragile. Fragility but Progressive.
Score: 98%

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