Reviews: Degrees of Truth - The Reins of Life

Reviews: Degrees of Truth - The Reins of Life

Reviews: Degrees of Truth - The Reins of Life

 Full Length Debut Album from Italian Female Fronted Symphonic Progressive Metal Band. I reviews this Album track by track.

1st track, Pattern. Just easy listening opening. 2nd track, Finite Infinite. Like Within Temptation but with Progressive Rock. She’s sang excellently, the Guitar solo on this song is simple and this song ended with synth sound. An easy and catchy song. 3rd track, The Reins Of Life. Continued from Finite Infinite. A Great combination between Classical music, Modern Progressive Metal and Electronic music. She’s sang like Opera singer in Renaissance era. 4th track, Evolution. Operatic Vocals like Music in Renaissance era, Excellent Melodic Guitar licks ansimple Guitar solo.

5th track, Civilization. Easy composition, but Solid and Great. The Music composition like a Music in Disney movies. 6th track, Subtle Borderline. Excellent Instrumental song. They’re present their Great Skill and their Great Imagination on this song. Easy, but Solid. This’s Lullaby instrumental song. 7th track, The World Beneath My Feet. Splendour symphony and easy listening song. 8th track, Fine Art Of Havoc. Thrash Riffs with Beauty & Beast Vocals, Harmonic Minor Guitar solo and Groovy Bass. A Beautiful of the Thrash.

9th track, The Grim Lesson. Excellent Angelic Vocals, and from soft to distortion & from distortion to soft. 10th track, Deep Six. Progressive, Modern and Splendour. The Voclas is really Great. 11th track, Pillar Of Hope. Easy ending song. They’re present easy and slow song. Spoken words on this song like we listening a story.

Combining Progressive and Symphonic. Degrees of Truth present a Masterpiece for their debut Album.
Score: 100%
Degrees of Truth:

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