Reviews: Dryad - The Whispering Winds of the Hill

Reviews: Dryad - The Whispering Winds of the Hill

Reviews: Dryad - The Whispering Winds of the Hill

 Dryad is Epic Pagan Metal Band from Baden-Württemberg, Germany. I reviews their Full Length Debut Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, α. α in Greek mean Alpha. Started with Eagle sound. An atmospheric and acoustic instrumental opening. 2nd track, Father of Gods. The Beauty and The Beast vocals. But Male vocals is rather Black Metal, the Riffs is Thrash and this song rather Progressive. 3rd track, Rain of Flesh. The Trumpet song made this song rather Ska and the Guitar riffs is Raw. I think it’s Ska Black Metal. 4th track, Earth and Breath. Started with acoustic guitar lick and trumpet sound. The Beauty vocals more dominant than The Beast vocals. Earth and Breath, Earth is our Breath.

5th track, Pythia. From Wikipedia “The Pythia (/ˈpɪθiə/, Ancient Greek: Πῡθίᾱ [pyːˈtʰi.aː]), commonly known as the Oracle of Delphi, was the name given to the High Priestess of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi who also served as the oracle. The name Pythia is derived from Pytho, which in myth was the original name of Delphi. In etymology the Greeks derived this place name from the verb, πύθειν (púthein) "to rot", which refers to the sickly sweet smell of the decomposition of the body of the monstrous Python after he was slain by Apollo. Pythia was the House of Snakes.” The Trumpet sound remembered me like a War song and the Riffs is very Heavy Metal.

6th track, To Athena's Honour. Trumpet song on this song excellent and catchy shredding guitar solo. 7th track, Hektor. This track easiest than previous tracks. This song talk about Hektor, A Hero of Troy. 8th track, Baumgleich. This song dominated by Flute and Female Vocals. 9th track, The Ballad of the Athenian. A slow song who talk about Athenian. Mostly ballad but with some Harsh Vocals. 10th track, Hubris. A mid-tempo song, but trumpet sounds on this song made this song more energic.

11th track, The Ballad of the Athenian - A Father's View. A Harsh version of 9th track and this song more Noise. 12th track, Dead Man's Path. A heroic poet. 13th track ν. ν is 13th Alphabet in Greek Language.

An Epic Pagan Metal album talk about Greek. Angelic and Beast Vocals, some Black Metal elements and Ska.
This’s Great Epic Ska Metal.
Score: 100%

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