Reviews: Nox Velum – Exile

Reviews: Nox Velum – Exile

Nox Velum is Underground Doom Metal Band from Seattle, America. I reviews this EP track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Ember. With some Psychedelic element, and Riffs like Black Sabbath. Tempo change to rather Fast, some Harsh Vocal and Great Guitar solo. This’s Great opening. 2nd track, Woe. Doom Riffs like Black Sabbath and Guitar Solo like Iron Maiden. It’s Great Combination between Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. 3rd track, Shadow Games. Like Iron Maiden, but Black Sabbath riffs. This song more NWOBHM. 90% NWOBHM and 10% Doom. 4th track, In Exile, I Wander (I. Fear Not II. Water III. Mercy). Dark Melodic lick like Black Sabbath and His Vocals like Bruce (Iron Maiden) but more Heavy. Dark ambient element made this song more Gloom and Dark. Doom like Black Sabbath and Spirit like Iron Maiden.

The Guitar riffs and Guitar lick are influenced by Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. Heavy but can Fast like Iron Maiden. And His Vocals mostly like Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden).
When Black Sabbath meet Iron Maiden, this’s Exil from Nox Velum.
Score: 100%
Nox Velum:

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