Reviews: Skeptic - Worship the End

Reviews: Skeptic - Worship the End

Reviews: Skeptic - Worship the End

Full Length Debut Album from American Underground Tech Death Metal Band. I reviews this Album track by track.

1st track, Skinchanger. A song with Sharp & Thrash riffs, Complex & Neoclassical licks, and blasting composition. A magnificent opening. 2nd track, Sarcophagophilia. This song like Beyond Creation, but more Thrash. The Harmonization is very awesome. 3rd track, A History of Carcass Experiments. This track spoil our ear with the sadistic Progressive composition. It’s remembered us with Death.

4th track, Aquiline. Groove riffs and some Breakdown parts. This song is rather Deathcore. Wah Guitar on this song made this song so excellent. 5th track, Goddess Of Worms. Harmonize, Thrash and Neoclassical. 6th track, The Third Side Of The Coin. The Guitar composition is Very Great and Very Thrash. They’re ended this album with an Insane song.

An Insanity and the Splendour of Neoclassical and the Magnificent of Progressive. Skeptic present a Great debut and a Masterpice.
Score: 100%


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