Reviews: Slave One - Disclosed Dioptric Principles

Reviews: Slave One - Disclosed Dioptric Principles

Reviews: Slave One - Disclosed Dioptric Principles

Full Length Album from French Death Metal Band, Slave One. Cover art by Pierre-Alain/3mmi Design.

1st track, Deus Otiosus. Deep Growls, Thrash and Dark riffs with Harmonic Minor Guitar solo. Female voices made this song so Excellent. A Beaufitul and A Beast. 2nd track, The Antikythera Mechanism. The composition on this song is Very Groovy. Some acoustic element made this song more cool, although not a moment. 3rd track, Obsidian Protocol Achievement. Riffs on this song very Harmonic and I think Blasting on this song is Soft, dislike another Prog/Tech Death songs. This song is rather Space Ambient and Great Harmonic Minor Guitar solo.

4th track, For Shiva whispered the universe. This song is Darker and some Breakdown made this song more Modern. A Death Metal Whisper. 5th track, Aeon dissonance. Started and Ended with Acoustic Guitar licks. This song is rather Scandinavian Death Metal and little Ambient. A Great Death Metal song with Ambient and Acoustic element. 6th track, Liquid transcendental echoes. This song more Melodic and more Progressive. Dark Riffs, Thrash and Shred. 7th track, Degenesis. This song rather instrumental, although some Growls vocals and Spoken words.

Deep Lyrics and Dark Music.
Score: 100%

Reviews: Slave One - Disclosed Dioptric Principles
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