Reviews: Thy Catafalque – Meta

Reviews: Thy Catafalque – Meta

Reviews: Thy Catafalque – Meta

Meta, Thy Catafalque 7th Full Length Album. The Beautiful Cover Art designed by Agnessa Kessiakova. I reviews this album track by track.

1st track, Uránia. 50% Clean Vocals and 50% Black Metal Vocals. This song very Doom Metal. Heaviest and Darkest Riffs with Church Bell sound and Dark Atmosphere. Meta started with Dark opening. 2nd track, Sirály. Sea Birds sound, Water Waves sound and Angelic Female voice made this song is more Cool and Calm. Slow and Calm music. 3rd track, 10^(-20). More fast than previous tracks, and Guitar riffs on this song more coarse. Besides, Synth sounds on this song made this song Darkest.

4th track, Ixión Düün. A Great combination between Classical, Electronic, Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Psychedelic and a little bit Folk. 5th track, Osszel Otthon. Started with Rain sound, with Experimental elements. This’s Excellent instrumental song. 6th track, Malmok járnak. Angelic Voices, Space Ambient, Electronic elements, and Psychedelic. Listening this song like listening a Lullaby. I don’t understand Hungarian language, but I’m very enjoyable this song.

7th track, Vonatút az éjszakában. The Drums is rather Rock n Roll. Although slow tempo, but this song is Energic. 8th track, Mezolit. Slow but Heavy. Harsh and Clean. Heavy, but Excellent. 9th track, Fehérvasárnap. A folk ending. Folk music with Monolog.

Almost tracks on this Album are Slow tempo and has Psychedelic-Atsmopheric elements. Angelic voices on 2nd and 6th track made it heard more Excellent. I think the musics composition are Easy listening. You must listen this album before sleep, it’s very enjoyable.

I think this’s another Thy Catafalque Masterpiece.
Score: 100%
Thy Catafalque:

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