Reviews: Tiavara - When Sheep Dream of Paradise

Reviews: Tiavara - When Sheep Dream of Paradise

Reviews: Tiavara - When Sheep Dream of Paradise

 Full Length Album from Russian Progressive Metal Band, Tiavara. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Still Alive. Heavy Riffs and the Melodic music. An easy song with Heavy and Solid composition. Acoustic guitar licks on this song made this song is easy and artistic. His sang excellently. 2nd track, Haunting Past. Groove Metal riffs and Middle Eastern elements. This song is very Middle Eastern, Middle Eastern Vocals and Middle Eastern Guitar. 3rd track, The Storm Eternal. Catchy song and Splendour Vocals. His sang excellently and the Breakdown parts made this song more Modern.

4th track, Path of Lies. The intro on this song is rather Iron Maiden. Groove Riffs, Breakdown and Melodic Licks. A Heavy and catchy song. 5th track, Lunacy. The Vocals is very Middle Eastern and Splendour. The Splendour of the Lunacy. 6th track, We Don't Need You. A Fury song with Splendour Vocals. Sharp Groove Riffs and Breakdown. A Beautiful of the Anger. 7th track, THIYH. Easy listening song with Heavy Riffs and Catchy Guitar solo. Altough easy listening, but this’s solid song.

The Vocalist is Amazing. His sang like an Operatic Singer in Renaissance era. Operatis Vocals with Modern Progressive Metal.
A Beauty and a Genius. This’s Insane Album.
Score: 100%

Reviews: Tiavara - When Sheep Dream of Paradise

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