Reviews: White Raven - In the Forest

Reviews: White Raven - In the Forest

Reviews: White Raven - In the Forest

Full Length Debut Album from Spanish Folk Melodeath Band, White Raven. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Pagan Ritual. Listen this song like listen a Ritual song in traditional society, especially Paganism. 2nd track, Awake. Thrash Riffs, Blasting, Noisy Cymbal, Crowded Folk Instrument and Simple Guitar Solo. The folk instrument it’s very Scottish. 3rd track, Life. Grunt, Thrash Riffs, and Blasting, but with excellent Violin and Whistles sounds. 4th track, White Raven. Whistles and Violin overtaking each other so that present the great song. The Guitar solo is too simple, but not bad.

5th track, Interlude. Excellent song for cooling down our mind. 6th track, The end of Unfinished Dreams. The Beauty and The Beast Vocals with cool folk and acoustic instrument. a Magnificent song. 7th track, Enchanted by Moonlight. The intro is excellent and the Grunt vocals Excellently than previous tracks. And usually, Whistles and Violin overtaking each other. 8th track, A feast in the Woods. Folk element more dominant on this song and folk element more crowded.

9th track, Wally Wally Wally. The composition on this song is great, especially Whistles and Violin. I think it’s a duel song between Whistles and Violin. 10th track, The Spirit of Ilene Os. I think the Violin exvellently than previous tracks. The Violin very solid & catchy and The Guitar solo more solid than previous tracks. 11th track, In the Forest. The music describe situation in the forest. Although instrumental, the composition describe a happiness. 12th track, Crow's Pub. A cool ending, this song mostly accoustic. Combination between Folk and Acoustic, an excellent combination

The composition describe a Happy situation. In the Forest if Happiness album.
Score: 95%
White Raven:

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