Interview with Fragments of Existence

Interview with Fragments of Existence

Fragments of Existence is Melodic Death Metal Band from Sofia, Bulgaria. They're Anton Andonov - Bass, Vocals, Kalin Enchev - Drums, Ivan Munin "VANS" - Guitars, Vocals, and Ivaylo Tsatsov - Guitars. FOE gave us some information. Check it out.

Tell us about Fragments of Existence?
FOE is formed in November 2012. We are combining melodic death metal with groove, progressive, southern, power and thrash metal. Our debut album and video are out now, we have just issued them both.

What are lyrical themes of Fragments of Existence?
The themes are social and deep introverted. They are about a man standing on the edge of sanity and pain trying to make his way back to life after suffering many personal cataclysms.

What are your influences?
We listen to a lot of genres and have been influeced by many manuy old school rock and metal bands as well as new ones. We also enjoy blues, jazz and pop ocasianally.

Who are Your Favorite Bulgarian Metal Bands?
There are quite a few favourite BG bands. let say that we like and respect The Revenge Project, Odd Crew, Lieveil, Yuvigi and many-many more.

How did you choose the cover artwork?
The cover artwork was made by a close friend of ours and it wasn't chosen in advance. His name is Ivo Gogov and his job was to make a connection between the music and the artwork. He felt like creating what is now the front of the alum and we are all very happy about it.

How were the songs written?
We wrote the song pretty quickly and the process was very smooth. It just felt right and we cliked as musicians and personalities. 

How did the recording process go?
The recording was a bit more complicated that we have had expected as there were really many htings to consider and do in the process. But with the help of our friend Vladimir Bochev (Zero Project Studio) we managed to do it properly. 

What are your future plans?
The main current plan is to promote pour album and new video. And also to issue the CDs as the album is still only on the web.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
We are actually interested in playing in Europe for now, starting from here the Balkan Peninsula.

What bands would you like to play alongside?
We would enjoy the company of good and dedicated people who enjoy playing music.

Any last words?
Keep up the good work and the metal faith alive!

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