Reviews: Beyond Chronicles - Human Nation

Reviews: Beyond Chronicles - Human Nation

Reviews: Beyond Chronicles - Human Nation

Full Length Album from French Melodeath Band, Beyond Chronicles. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Ground Zero. Simpel Guitar lick and Breakdown. It’s Groovy opening. 2nd track, Cold Vengeance. Although mid-tempo, the Drums it’s really solid. Futhermore, combination between harsh and clean vocals are really solid. 3rd track, Last Transmission. A mid-tempo song with solid riffs and catchy licks. This song really groovy, futhermore harsh and clean vocals are 50:50. 4th track, Powerless. Bit clean vocals, and many breakdown elements made this song really Metalcore.

5th track, Upon Them. This song rather Thrash Metal and Shredding Guitar solo really great. 6th track, Not Scared to Die. This song like Killswitch Engage but with sharp riffs. Shredding melodic licks, that’s great part on this song. 7th track, Human Nation. Melodic parts are really solid, great and catchy. Futhermore, blasting parts are great. Harsh vocals are variative and catchy guitar solo. 8th track, The Best at Everything. This song like As I Lay Dying. Catchy composition and heavier riffs.

9th track, Trebuchet. Rather fast and wilder. The riffs like Killswitch Engage, it’s really Metalcore. 10th track, We’ll March On. Simple music composition with excellent shredding. 11th track, Beyond the Dark. The riffs are are solid and some parts rather Thrash. Harsh and Clean vocals combination are great. 12th track, Win by Blood. It’s Great Melodic Metalcore song. The composition it’s really excellent, remembered me to Killswitch Engage.

Human Nation is a Happiness Modern Metal Album. Solid Riffs, Catchy Breakdown and Great combination between Harsh and Clean Vocals.
Score: 95%
Beyond Chronicles:

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