Reviews: Distant Sun - Into The Nebula

Reviews: Distant Sun - Into The Nebula

Reviews: Distant Sun - Into The Nebula

2nd Full Length Album from Russian Power/Thrash Metal Band, Distant Sun. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, My Trust. This song very Megadeth, even more Megadeth than Megedeth. Like Megadeth, but more Modern, more Power Metal and more Blast. 2nd track, Game of War. With some Melodic licks and Choir, this song more splendor. Wah Guitar and Excellent Guitar solo. This song present a combination between 80s and Modern Megadeth. 3rd track, God Emperor. This song not heavier than previous tracks, this song more Heavy Metal.

4th track, Inspired by Fear. Mid-tempo and Groovy. This song more Modern Megadeth influence.  5th track, Andromeda. An instrumental song. Beauty licks and Heavy riffs. The acoustic licks on outro is so calm. 6th track, The Battle That Never Ends. Plus Choir made this song more Splendor. Thrash and Splendor.

7th track, Throne of Iron. Easy listening Heavy Metal song. This song rather Mellow. 9th track, The Tharks. Listen this song like a combination between Megadeth and Dragonforce. 9th track, I Do Believe. Easy song and slow. God ending song.

It’s Neo-Megadeth, they’re more Megadeth than Megadeth. They’re present Early and Modern Megadeth.
Score: 98%

Reviews: Distant Sun - Into The Nebula
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