Reviews: Ruska - Hydronauts – Yokai

Reviews: Ruska - Hydronauts – Yokai

EP from French One Man Melodeath Band, Hydronauts. I reviews this EP track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Chased by death. A song with heavy riffs and some chants and some sueer sound. The composition is really groovy with catchy guitar solo. 2nd track, Oceanic Shrines. Dark riffs and Melancholy licks. With a little bit Folk element, Acoustic Guitar lick, Chant and Excellent Guitar solo. This song present religious message. 3rd track, The Drowned One. Coarse riffs, and All That Remains atmosphere felt on this song, although with a little bit Djent. A song with coarse riffs and neat composition. 4th track, Abyssum Infernum. Started with excellent folk intro. Rather slower than previous tracks, but more melancholic and more excellent. Excellent Melancholic Guitar licks and excellent Folk elements. 5th track, In the Name of (Sekhmet cover). It’s rather Death Doom Metal. This song Darker and Doom!

This EP really present spiritual and religion messages. Heavy and Coarse riffs with catchy guitar lick compositions.
The Melodic of Spiritual and Religion Messages.
Score: 95%

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