Reviews: Maze Of Sothoth - Soul Demise

Reviews: Maze Of Sothoth - Soul Demise

Reviews: Maze Of Sothoth - Soul Demise

Full Length Album from Italian Underground Technical Death Metal Band, Mazo of Sothoth. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Cthulhu's Calling. An Ambient opening. 2nd track, Lies. A Fury song about the Lies of the Religion. MOS devote their wrath about Fake Religion. The Dark Riffs like the Darkness of the Lies. 3rd track, Seed Of Hatred. Blasting and Fury. His sang with Fury although Low Growls. Dark, Thrash, and Groove riffs. Simple, but Full Hatred.

4th track, Multiple Eyes. The Riffs are Great. Thrash and Dark. The Guitars is Insane. Dark-Thrash Riffs, Wah Guitar and Killer Solo. 5th track, The Outsider. The Drum Roll is awesome. Evil and Groove Riffs. 6th track, The Dark Passenger. Coarse Thrash Metal Riffs. Coarse, Thrash and Dark. 7th track, At The Mountain Of Madness. The Music compotition are Madness like the title. Dark & Sharp riffs, and Madness Guitar solo.

It’s madness track. 8th track, Blind. Although coarse, but the composition are Sick and Amazing. Beauty riffs from the coarse composition and blasting. The guitar solo is Madness, present beauty and fast speed. 9th track, Azzaihg'nimehc. A melancholy intro. A good intro for cooling down after lisetening heaviest tracks previously. 10th track, Divine Sacrifice. It’s insane ending song. The music composition it’s very Insane. Roaring Guitar and Madnes Technical! I love this song!

Dark Riffs, Thrash Riffs, Insane Technical Licks, Insane Shredding, Blasting and Fury Low Growls. MOZ present insane composition and awesome.
Insane and Furious Album.
Score: 100%
Maze Of Sothoth:

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