Reviews: Silvis Vetus - Wonderland Pit

Reviews: Silvis Vetus - Wonderland Pit

First Full Length Album from Spanish Metal Band, Silvis Veuts. I reviews this album track by track. Check it out. Silvis Vetus @ Facebook

1st track, Wonderland Pit (A Fibber Mind's Tale Part I). Amazing Operatic vocals, Solid double pedal, blasting, and simple guitar solo. Mostly Beauty vocals than Beast vocals, but her vocals really amazing. 2nd track, Latest Intifada (Einherjar). Heavy riffs and splendour symphonic. Changebale drums tempo and without beast vocals. Although without beast vocals, I think not bad, but splendour.

3rd track, Crimson Mask. Thrash riffs, Beauty and Beast follow each other in reffs, and this song rather Melodic. 4th track, Wendigo (Such Evil in the Forest). Her vocals really great, and church organ made this song darker. The composition like Nordic Metal, especially Guitar riffs.

5th track, Wolfmom’s Lullaby. Acoustic song with soft vocals. Good song for cooling down our mind after listening heaviest tracks previously. 6th track, Night's Creed (A Fibber Mind's Tale Part II). Moderate song, but solid. I think it’s moderate song, but the guitar solo is madness. 7th track, Delirium. Mid-tempo song with some folk elements. Some breakdown parts made this song more Modern.

Heavy Riffs and Music with simple composition. 7 tracks as 7 stories.
Score: 95%

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