Reviews: Sunless – Urracae

Reviews: Sunless – Urracae

First Full Length Album from American Underground Techdeath Band, Sunless. I reviews this album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Wishes Fallen on Deafened Ears. A Heavy opening with Low Growl vocals, and Groovy Progressive composition. Some parts on this rather Doom Metal. Blasting à Doom à Blasting. 2nd track, Gathering at the Skull’s Eye. Singing in Low Growl vocals, the Double pedal drums are solid and the progressive composition are solid. 3rd track, Aberrant Clime. Blackened Death Metal song with Avant-Garde element. The guitar composition made me slightly-tipsy.

4th track, Born of Clay.Changeable composition and solid riffs. Sunless combine Blackened Death, Doom and Progressive perfectly. 5th track, Obsidian Wing. Started with Doom Metal intro. This song rather Progressive Blackened Death metal.6th track, Windswept Rock. The Heavy Bass licks are Groovy and the Guitar riffs very solid. This song more Mid-tempo than previous tracks and this song ended with Avant-Garde sound.

7th track, The Ancient Ones. The riffs more complex and the vocals more Blackened Death. 8th track, Magpie. The composition is Heaviest, mid-tempo and rather Djent. This song is easiest listening song in this album. 9th track, Disintegration of Man. The Drums are solid, rather Djent, and the riffs are easy although very Progressive.

They were combine Blackened Death Metal with Doom Metal, Progressive and some Djent elements. Althouth they’re Progressive musicians, I think their songs are easy listening.
Easy listening songs, but magnificent composition.
Score: 100%

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