Reviews: Sweeping Death – Astoria

Reviews: Sweeping Death – Astoria

Reviews: Sweeping Death – Astoria

EP Debut from German Progressive Thrash Metal Band, Sweeping Death. I reviews this EP track by track. Check it out.

1st track, My Insanity. The Guitar licks on Interlude is catchy. A modern Thrash Metal song with early Iron Maiden style with some Progressive elements. Sharp riffs and madness guitar solo. On the last part, his vocals really Insane. 2nd track, Pioneer of Time. Rather Melodic, but with changebale tempo and changeable composition. Breakdown elements and Neoclassical guitar licks on the outro are Great.

3rd track, Astoria. Started with excellent Neoclassical guitar licks. This song more Progressive and very Neoclassical. And this song Darker. 4th track, Devil’s Dance. Heavy riffs, Great Vocals and madness Middle eastern guitar solo.

5th track, Death & Legacy. It’s solid and easy song. Thrash, Melodic and Neoclassical. The Guitar solo like Children of Bodom. 6th track, Till Death Do Us Part. This song mostly Neoclassical, a little bit vocals on this song but not bad. That’s great.

Thrash, Progressive and Neoclassical. 6 tracks, but magnificent.
Score: 100%
Sweeping Death:

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