Reviews: Vintersea - The Gravity of Fall

Reviews: Vintersea - The Gravity of Fall

Reviews: Vintersea - The Gravity of Fall

First Full Length Album from Corvallis Progressive Melodeath Band, Vintersea. I reviews this album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Arise. A Cold and Excellent opening instrumental song. 2nd track, The Host. The riffs rather similar like Fallujah, and her clean vocals is very 90s rock. This song present the softness and distortion. 3rd track, Entities. Rather Djent, and combination between clean and harsh vocals are great. Modern Rock elements on this song is easy listening.

4th track, Skies Set Blaze. Earlier parts are rather Doom, and this song rather Atmospheric. The Gucymbal and Guitar licks are really Dark, Beautiful and Excellent. 5th track, The Holy Procession. Soft Clean vocals, Harsh vocals like a Banshee, Noisy Cymbal and Groove music. The atmosphere really cold and calm and this song rather psychedelic. Dark, Groove, Psychedelic and Calm. 6th track, The Gravity of Fall. Symphonic and Neoclassical elements, made this song more Solid. Her clean vocals really excellent on this song.

7th track, Crevasse. This song more Progressive and rather Black Metal. The music composition on this song really Great. Progressive licks, Black Metal riffs, Symphonic and Blasting. 8th track, Embers. Acoustic, symphonic and ambient. A good song for cooling down out mind. 9th track, Twinleaf. Clean vocals more dominant and this song more Heavy Metal. Symphonic element ont his song made this song more beautiful. 10th track, Mirror Lake. More slow, more Clean and more Progressive. An easy song, but solid.

Female version of Fallujah, but more Melodic, more Clean and more Soft.
Score: 100%

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