Reviews: Zmey Gorynich – Malafya

Reviews: Zmey Gorynich – Malafya

EP from Russian Folk Deathcore Band, Zmey Gorynich. I reviews this EP track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Welcome to Mother Russia!. An easy listening and catchy opening. 2nd track, Морозобой. More Death Metal than Deathcore. The composition really enjoyable, combine Modern Metal and Traditional music. In the Breakdown part the riffs rather Djent and the Guitar solo is catchy. The Pig Squeal on outro is excellent. 3rd track, Ой, Лёли-Лёли!. This song really Deathcore and Folk. 45% Clean Vocals and 55% Harsh Vocals, this song really happiness. 4th track, Айнанэ. The composition is so magnificent. Excellent Folk instrument, Solid riffs and Solid Blasting.

5th track, Медвепляс. More Blasting, more Progressive, and rather Djent. They’re present a solid composition on this song. 6th track, Борода. This song more Death Metal, and Her harsh vocals excellent. Electronic element, a combination between modern Music, Folk and Death Metal. 7th track, Чуешь Мою Страсть- (BMTH Cover). A BMTH song, but this song added with Folk, Atmospheric and Electronic elements. 8th track, Ой, Лёли-Лёли! (Hip-hop mix). Hip-hop version of 3rd track, and this song easiest.

They’re combine Deathcore, Death Metal, Folk, Hip-hop, Djent and Electronic music perfectly. This’s Magnificen Album.
Score: 100%
Zmey Gorynich:

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