Degrees of Truth, Female Fronted Symphonic Progressive Metal Band

Degrees of Truth, Female Fronted Symphonic Progressive Metal Band

Degrees of Truth is Female Fronted Symphonic Progressive Metal Band from Varese, Italy. They’re Matteo Clark - Bass, Luca Ravezzani - Drums, Graziano Franchetti - Guitars, Gianluca Parnisari - Keyboards, and Claudia Nora Pezzotta - Vocals. Degrees of Truth @ Facebook

Degrees of Truth Biography:

began in the year 2014, from Gianluca’s project; he contacted Graziano (guitars) and me (vocals) and soon we began writing the album songs. The idea was to approach the Symphonic Metal genre in a “progressive” way, searching for new means to convey concepts, emotions and moods through music, exploring the many possibilities within every instrument, the voice in particular.
 In 2015, the line-up was completed with Matteo (bass guitar) and Luca (drums) and we released our first demo; we then began performing live, by ourselves or with other bands (Elvenking, Eternal Silence, Hidden Memories, Temperance…). The Reins of Life, came out on October 2016.

Lyrical themes:

The Reins of Life, as the title says, is a concept album about Life itself: from the origins of the universe and the first living beings, to mankind, civilization and its decline. The will to live, to fight entropy, to preserve one’s form is the basis of everything; it can give birth to beautiful creatures and sceneries, inspire art, poetry and ideas to improve our condition, as well as rouse fear, arrogance and hate, leading to war and destruction. To lose consciousness of the circle of life and death, the natural connection of everything, the frailty of balance, can be a disaster for mankind, as it ends up destroying its own resources and, consequently, to meet its demise.
These are eternal themes, always worthy being explored, so here’s Degrees of Truth take on them.

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