Interview with Innervate, Melodic Death Metal Band from Belgium

Interview with Innervate, Melodic Death Metal Band from Belgium

Innervate are Ian Huyskens - Bass, Frederik Geuvens - Drums, Zjesse Van Hool - Guitars, Glenn Van Loo - Guitars, and Jelle Van Loo - Vocals. Frederik Geuvens gave us some information. Check it out.

Tell us about Innervate
We're Innervate, a melodic death metal band hailing from Belgium. We've just released our very first EP, called "Unconquered" and now we're trying to find as many shows as possible! You can always expect energetic, epic live performances.

What are the lyrical themes of Innervate?
We like to draw our themes upon the emotions that the music gives us, fantasy games and books. Our singer also created a fantasy world, called Anima for our EP to have a common thread between the songs and the artwork.

What are your influences?
Next to fantastical themes and emotions, we like to listen to bands like Insomnium, Wolfheart, Be'Lakor and Omnium Gatherum.

Who are your favourite Belgian Metal Bands?
There aren't really many Belgian metal bands that play Melodic Death Metal but we like our fair share of Thurisaz, Enthroned and Spoil Engine!

How did you choose the cover artwork?
Our singer, Jelle Van Loo, is an illustrator so he drew the artwork himself and we have to admit, it really looks epic!

How were the songs written?
Mostly one of our guitarists, Zjesse or Glenn, come up with a set of riffs. Then I, the drummer, have my way with it. After that we discuss which riff should be changed or switched and after a while we have a nice and smooth whole. Then we add one or more solo parts and the bass guitar lines. Then our singer tries to harvest the emotions of the riffs and adds fitting words.

How did the recording process go?
We recorded and mixed 'Unconquered' at the Penthous Studios in Belgium. Because we already recorded our demo track 'From The Shadows' before we knew what we had to do in advance so the recording went rather smoothly. In just a few days it was a wrap! The process of mixing and mastering the material took longer than we expected but in the end, I think we can be proud to release this first EP with this kind of sound and artwork!

What are your future plans?
We're now competing in several rallies to be able to play on bigger festivals in Belgium. We're also busy preparing an online store for our EP, some merch and maybe even a full-length album! So there's a lot to expect!

Are there any countries you're interested in touring or performing in? Why?
We'd love to perform in France, Germany or Holland because we feel that the melodic death metal scenes there are much bigger! Here, in Belgium, there are more hardcore and punk bands so at shows we're very often the odd ones out and sometimes that pays of and sometimes people don't know what to make of us. Luckily that last thing doesn't happen too often! 

What bands would you like to play alongside?
We'd like to play with every band possible but if we can dream within the melodic death scene, we'd like to play with our heroes of Insomnium, Equilibrium, Wolfheart and so on!

Any last words?
First of all, thanks for this opportunity! If you like melodic death metal with shredding guitars, bombastic drums and fierce growls, please give us a listen and tell us what you think! Stay epic!


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