Interview with Jenner, Female Speed/Thrash Metal Band from Serbia

Interview with Jenner, Female Speed/Thrash Metal Band from Serbia

Jenner is Female Speed Thrash MEtal Band from Belgrade, Serbia. They're Marija Dragićević - Drums, Aleksandra Stamenković - Guitars, Anđelina Mitić - Vocals, and  Mina Petrović - Bass. Marija Dragićević gave us some information about jenner. Check it out.

Tell us about Jenner?
Jenner is the only all-female speed / thrash metal band from Belgrade, Serbia, formed before more than 3 years ago. Me and my sister Alexandra have already played in an all female hard rock band, and after we disbanded, Alexandra had a wish to form an old school heavy metal band and she started to play guitar. Since she had no drummer available, I offered her help. Not so long after that, Andjelina Mitic (vocals), and Jana Bacic (bassist ) joined the band. After a year of work, Alexandra and some friends of ours realized that we should take more faster and heavier sound. We accepted that and started covering some songs from Overkill, Agent Steel, Anthrax, Exodus etc. Unfortunately, Jana could not fit in with our new sound, so she was replaced by our current bassist Mina Petrovic. We recorded our first demo songs – Hear the thunder roar and On a judgement day, in order to promote the band and participate in iconic 49th Serbian guitar festival at Zajecar. We made it to the semi-finals and had a remarkable performance. Few months after, our first album was prepared for recording. Since I have left the band during the pregnancy, Selena Simic (Nemesis, Vibrator u Rikverc, Goatmare and the Helspades) helped the band to finish the drum tracks and do a few gigs, and both bands, Jenner and Nemesis, performed the opening acts for the Brazilian female thrash band Nervosa, here in Belgrade. I have returned, and the album is finished at Citadela Sound Production from Belgrade and it is released by Inferno records from France, 20th of February, and now it's available for orders from Inferno Records and also from us directly, 1000 copies of CD and 100 copies of cassettes.

What are lyrical themes of Jenner?
I am the main lyrics writter, although, i got help from my husband Ivan and Alexandra too. Two songs’ lyrics – How deep is your greed and Opened (on the table) are written by our producer Luka Matkovic. Through all the songs the motive of human sufferings and fears is stretched – illnesses, the judgement day, greed, inner demons and death.

What are your influences?
The bands who influenced us to start playing thrash/speed metal are mostly – Anthrax, Exodus, Heathen, Overkill etc, and also our serbian friends from Serbia – Space Eater, Alitor, Deadly Mosh etc…

How did you choose the cover artwork for "To Live Is to Suffer"?
Artwork for an album is designed by Zeljko Manojlovic. It represents a naga, indian mythical creature, half woman, half snake. Her looks are inspired by four of us in one, and also her body and arms form the appereance of the female reproductive organ - uterus. Artwork is also our representation of our lyric themes. The original version of naga is a curious being only malevolent to humans when they have been mistreated. They are also associated as a guardians of waters and treasure. They bring rain, and thus fertility, but also disasters such as floods and drought.

How were the songs written?
Alexandra is the main composer, she did all arrangements, singing melodies, solos, drum parts by herself.She has shown that thrash metal is not simple riffing and senseless yelling, but also can be very listenable and melodic, and ordered in harmony. She had no specific way in composing, she only followed her feelings at the time.

How did the recording process go?
The album needed some time to be fully recorded due to my maternity leave, and rest of the band member’s private obligations. We had already found a label, Inferno Records from France. Alexandra did the awesome job with the songs arrangements and our good friend Selena Simic helped us to finish the drum tracks. Guitars and basses are recorded fast, and the vocals needed some time but it’s also successfully finished until beginning of this year. Whole album is recorded, mixed and mastered at the studio of Citadela Sound Production, our famous underground metal production, which worked with many Serbian bands  - Centurion, Alitor, Infest, Nadimac, The Stone, Kobold, Prisoner, Space Eater, Quasarborn etc, by Luka Matkovic.

What are your future plans?
Currently, we’re planning our debut album promotional gigs and mini-tours. So far, we’ve booked gigs in Ljubljana (SLO) on 11th of March, with all female metal bands Nemesis from Serbia and Hellcats from Slovenia, Skopje (FYRM) on 25th of March with Macedonian hard rock band The Backdoor Band and of course Belgrade where we come from, with our friends from Deadly Mosh and Superhammer on 15th of April. The band will be active this year, we have to promote the album in Serbia and Balkans, shoot the video etc. The most important for the band is that as many people from all around the world hear about it, and we’re making is, slowly but surely, thanks to many internet portals, webzines, and radios all across the world.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
We have many opportunities, however, lack of time and money prevent us to use them all. We’ve been called by many European countries to play, Germany, France, Belgium etc., but also from USA and Australia! But since each of us has her own primary obligation – work, studying, family etc, we fight as much as possible to take advantage of every opportunity we receive. We can’t do it all right now, it all takes it’s time and we’re relatively young band from not so rich country of Serbia.

What bands would you like to play alongside?
Whoah, we've already had many cooperations with serbian bands of which we're very proud of, and also with brazilian all female thrash metal band Nervosa, here in Belgrade, i don't know, we'd like to play and meet as many bands we can, and play on as many festivals all across the Europe. However, the question is when we will be able to do something like that.

Any last words?
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to present Jenner to your readers and fans, stay in touch with our official Facebook page for further information, concerts etc. and Stay metal!


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