Interview with Promethean

Interview with Promethean

Promethean is Progressive Symphonic Blackened Death Metal Band from Paris, France. They're Nicolas Cardoso - (Vocals), Matthieu Cardoso - (Lead guitar), Gaëtan Marquer - (Rhythm guitar), Dino Dieleman - (Bass), Axel Hurard - (Keyboards), and Leo Godart - (Drums). Promethean gave us some information. Check it out.

Tell us about Promethean?
Promethean is a project that’s been maturing in Leo’s (drums/composition) mind for a few years before becoming a reality in the end of 2013 and the establishment of a stable line-up. The band is now composed of Nico (vocals), Matti and Gaëtan (guitars), Dino (bass), Axel (keyboards) and Leo.
We’re a symphonic death metal band with a progressive mindset. We have released our debut four-track EP “Aloades” the 9th of February, 2017. 

What are the lyrical themes of Promethean?
“Aloades” mainly deals with Greek mythology, which offers a rich corpus of epic, dark, and vivid violent tales that resonates with metal, especially the symphonic kind that can convey this sense of grandiloquence.
The title track refers to the twins Otos and Ephialtes, vainglorious giants that tried to abduct Hera and Artemis but were ultimately condemned to an endless ordeal by Zeus: to dwell enchained by snakes, back to back to a monumental column in the confines of Tartarus, submitted to the never-ending cries of an owl…
On the other hand, the fourth track “A Forbidden Symphony” is a sort of appetizer for what will be our debut full-length album about the Lovecraftian mythos… 

What are your influences?
We all come from different backgrounds, but I think the appeal for profound, progressive and even technical music unites us.
Main inspirations for the project are, quite obviously, to be searched in the extreme symphonic metal realm, namely Emperor, Septicflesh, Fleshgod Apocalypse or Ovid’s Withering; but the classical influences are prominent (Prokofiev, Dvorak etc.) as well as film or video game scores (Bloodborne).

How did you choose the cover artwork for "Aloades"?
Graphic designer Thomas Lépine was interested in the band’s mythological thematic; after some studies on the Aloades’ myth he came up with his own vision of their punishment: the two giants turned into stone and shackled amidst the ruins of an antic city in the middle of an infinite desert… 
We were struck by the force of the composition and the tones of his work - there was no hesitation that it would ultimately illustrate the EP.

How were the songs written?
Leo is the main composer. He would usually start with a riff or a piano harmony and build the song from here, trying to avoid ideas and progressions he would deem too simple or agreed, which makes for a fairly complex song structure within each track.
The tunes were then properly arranged by the whole band during rehearsal sessions (especially guitars and bass fingering), but the core of the songs never needed any major change.
The orchestral parts were adapted, extended and enriched with the help of Olivier Reucher from the symphonic act Remember The Light.

How did the recording process go?
The orchestrations and vocals were recorded at Olivier Reucher’s home studio while the guitars and the bass were done at the Axone Studio for the most part. Everything else was homemade (drum programming, synths, additional bass lines etc.).
The mixing and mastering were achieved at Tom Gadonna’s Axone Studio.

What are your future plans?
Right now we’re aiming to promote our music in a live context as much as possible, and we’re working on our debut full-length at the same time… The recording process should begin in the fall.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
Any country that would have us! We’re very curious to meet the crowds all over the world.

What bands would you like to play alongside?
We would love to see a huge symphonic tour take place alongside aforementioned leaders of the genre, but it will probably have to wait for now ahah!
Other than that, sharing the stage with acts such as Xanthochroid or Deathcode Society would be a blast!

Any last words?
Thank you BDP Metal for the review and questions!
Thank you everyone for the incredible support and feedback on “Aloades” so far! Spread the word!


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