Reviews: Alkol - Beeried Alive

Reviews: Alkol - Beeried Alive

EP Debut from Italian Crossover Thrash Metal Band, Alkol. I reviews this EP track by track. check it out.

1st track, Heere's Johnny. Started with Angry dialogue. Dark riffs like Black Sabbath and groovy bass licks. 2nd track, Drink Up!. The riffs remind me to 90s Pop Punk, but this’s Crossover Thrash. Like Megadeth, but the riffs sharper. 3rd track, Discrimination. Dark riffs like Voivod with 90s Metal composition. Short Guitar solo, but Madness.

4th track, Final Infliction. Hardcore element more pronounced. 5th track, The Hunter. More Melodic and the Drum roll is Great. 6th track, Losing Control.

Crossover between Beer and Thrash.
Score: 90%

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