Reviews: AnodhoR - Break the Silence

Reviews: AnodhoR - Break the Silence

EP Debut from Spanish Folk Metal Band, AnodhoR. I reviews this EP track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Break the Silence. Thrash riffs with Death Metal Vocals and excellent Celtic Folk instruments. Folk instrument on this song really happiness. 2nd track, Filloas de Breogán. The Folk instrument more excellent than previous track and his vocals very Hardcore. The Guitar solo is very classic rock. 3rd track, Jesus Crimes. The riffs are very groove metal and with excellent celtic folk elements. Another happiness metal song.

4th track, Hounds of Tindalos. The riffs are heavier and the music is so dark. Acoustic guitar licks on the middle part is good. This song rather melodic. 5th track, Soulless. Just a spoken words and easy listening folk instruments. Yeah, this song very catchy. 6th track, Cry of the Last Warriors. Although “Cry”, but tcomposition on this song really happiness. The Flute is so epic and magnificent. 7th track, AnodhoR. Changeable composition and his sang in harsh and clean vocals perfectly. This song describe this Band, AnodhoR.

Happiness songs that describe with that’s composition. Happiness songs for happiness people from happiness people.
Score: 95%

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